pale ale


Dry hopped with cascade

A golden color. A beer a little bit lighter. Well balance between bitterness and flavour. Th US cascade hop gives that touch of citrus fruits. Given to the boiling wort and during the fermentation (“dry hopping”).

“High drinkability”. Refreshing. You always want more of it. Perfect summer-beer, good company for a dish of fish. And also welcome when you watch a good football match.

45 IBU 11,6° Plato alc. 4,8% vol.
chinook amber


Dry hopped with chinook and summit

The color is amber. With a touch of red. Toasted malt gives the beer a real good body. Also top-fermented beer. Brings some fruity components. Like the hop is doing. Here we taste mandarin and pine flavours.

“Dry hopped”.

Have some with your dish of red meat or game. Or in any other moment.

37 IBU 13° Plato alc. 5,4% vol.